I have to say that if you just want to make a little extra cash and you have things around the house you no longer use then craigslist is great.

Craigslist is a central network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements.

Each geographical area has there own set of pages, so unlike eBay you are only selling locally.

You can post many ads in a single category with up to 4 photos in each ad.

Take photos and put in a good description and you are on your way to making some extra money. How much? In one year I made over $1000 selling second hand baby items.

I make sure they are clean and that I price them well. We live in a safe neighbourhood so I have people come to the house when my husband is home. For people a little further away I have met at the local mall or market if it was convenient for both of us. Do what you feel comfortable with. I do not recommend putting your address or phone number in the ad unless it is for a garage sale.

Not comfortable but have a lot of items to sell? Then take a look at eBay. You will probably make less money due to the eBay and Paypal fees but it is better to feel safe.

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