Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES)

Product Description:
The AmSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) is the world’s first aviation alternative to a car seat. CARES is an innovative belt-and-buckle device that attaches directly to the airplane seatbelt.

Simple to install, adjustable to fit virtually any size airplane seat and usable in most seats with the exception of those in exit rows. CARES has been certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for children weighing between 20-44 pounds sitting in their own seat. Passengers with children can now check the bulky car seat through as luggage and take CARES on board.

Weighing only one pound and fitting into a small carrying case, this child restraint provides a low-cost, easy and effective solution for improved child passenger safety. CARES is the first alternative aviation child safety device to be certified by the FAA for all phases of flight – taxi, take-off and landing.

We have travelled on planes with an infant carrier, car seats and the CARES and I would have to say that CARES is the lightest and simplest product to have to bring on the plane. It fits in a 6″ travel sack and weighs only 1 lb! It was a nice feeling to know our kids were safe and secure during take off, landing and turbulence. They didn’t want to stay strapped in the whole flight but without the bulky car seat we all had a little more space to move around.

At around $80 for each CARES if you don’t fly a lot you may want to consider renting. There are a few renters on eBay with the average trip costing just $15 + shipping depending on the length of your vacation.

If you need your car seat at your destination you can check it with your luggage and not have to carry it around the airport with you. For those of you who really want the car seat on the plane I would recommend the gogo Kidz Travelmate, more on that later.

If you only have a few short drives at your destination you may want to consider a portable car seat. They are like vests that can be easily installed and used as a child restraint, and can be packed in your luggage. More on those later. are the authorized reseller of the CARES.

Feel free to email us at if you would like to rent one of our CARES.

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