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Save on Dental, Chiropractic, Vision, Prescription or Medical costs

Do you have an insurance plan with high deductibles?

Does you plan cover dental, chiropractic or vision?

No insurance?

How would you like a discount plan (not insurance) where you know before you go to the doctors how much you will pay? How about getting a discount on your teeth cleaning more than twice a year? 25% to 80% savings on dental procedures performed by a Program dentist.
Special savings on specialist work such as braces, oral surgery, root canals, gum treatment and children’s dental work.

You don’t have to agree on a price with the doctor, that is already done for you by the Plan administrators. You just pay for the services on the day they are rendered.

With Dental, Chiropractic and Vision at only $19.95 per month for an entire household it’s worth taking a look.

For our family the savings are greater than what our insurance coverage offers.

Take a look for yourself Click Here!

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Tastefully Simple

I like to be able to cook nice meals, and am not one for spending hours in the kitchen. However I do want my food to be tasty and for the family to enjoy it.

I came across Tastefully Simple about 4 years ago. The company motto is

“The food you love, the time you deserve.” TM

and I don’t think there is a better way to describe the great food you came make with their products.

With a line of year round products and seasonal items it is so much fun to try old favorites and something new. Not sure what you would use some of the products for? Check out their free recipe section. It has tons of ideas for you to print when you need them.

Some of my favorites products include:

  • Bountiful beer bread – great with dips, especially if you have young children
  • Spinach and Herb dip mix – this never lasts in the fridge long
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Merlot Sauce – great for marinating meat
  • Vidalia Onion Dressing
  • Nana’s Apple Cake mix
  • Truffle Fudge Brownie mix
  • Key Lime Cheeseball mix
  • Oh My! Chai

Order Online at www.tastefullysimple.com/web/lstanton
Delicious Gourmet Food, Exciting Career Opportunities!

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Where do you find the time to cook dinner?

I have to confess that if it takes longer than 30 minutes then I don’t cook it.

Here are a couple of my favorite dishes.

Rice, Trader Joes Orange Chicken with Costco Stir Fry vegetables.

Buitoni Chicken and Proscuito Tortellini with Newmans mushroom marinara sauce, extra fresh mushrooms and garlic bread.

Fish and Chips – We have a deep fryer so I put the fish in the oven and cook the fries and dinner is done. Takes about 25 mins in total and I don’t even have to do that much! Our favorite fish for the adults is Halibut from Costco, and for the kids Cod fish sticks from Trader Joes.

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I have to say that if you just want to make a little extra cash and you have things around the house you no longer use then craigslist is great.

Craigslist is a central network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements.

Each geographical area has there own set of pages, so unlike eBay you are only selling locally.

You can post many ads in a single category with up to 4 photos in each ad.

Take photos and put in a good description and you are on your way to making some extra money. How much? In one year I made over $1000 selling second hand baby items.

I make sure they are clean and that I price them well. We live in a safe neighbourhood so I have people come to the house when my husband is home. For people a little further away I have met at the local mall or market if it was convenient for both of us. Do what you feel comfortable with. I do not recommend putting your address or phone number in the ad unless it is for a garage sale.

Not comfortable but have a lot of items to sell? Then take a look at eBay. You will probably make less money due to the eBay and Paypal fees but it is better to feel safe.

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Shop The Company Store

The Company Store

When our son was a baby I wanted to get a solid color crib sheet. The ones at the baby store barely fit over the mattress and would fall apart after a few months in the wash. I didn’t want to pay $100’s for a set when I only wanted the sheet, so my online search began.

I discovered the Company Store. At first I was skeptical as their prices were a little higher but I took the chance anyway. The crib sheets were great, nice fabric, deep and they didn’t fall apart in the wash! Finally I found what I was after.

When he was a toddler he started waking up during the night. I thought it might have something to do with those cold plastic mattresses, so again I went searching for the ideal product. To my surprise I ended up back at the Company Store. I found a down alternative mattress topper for our crib mattress. It met my needs of keeping him warm along with allergy prevention, and it is machine washable.

Since then I have bought more crib sheets, a down alternative and washable crib size comforter, down alternative and washable child size pillows and more.

They have two online stores and magazines, one aimed and the Kids line and the other the adult line. They are a Wisconsin company so you are supporting an American company as well.

Great products, great quality, huge product line. Will be shopping there again.

Shop The Company Store

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30 Tips For Working From Home Jobs

I found this blog which details things you should check when looking for Work From Home jobs.

FlavaOfBlog: 30 Tips For Working From Home Jobs

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How do you afford all those nice clothes?


I am a strong believer in never paying full price for an item, unless I have to.

I know how much I am willing to pay for a product, or what is a great discount for that item and I just wait for them to go on sale.

If I am shopping online I also search for coupon codes and offers to pick up in store to avoid shipping charges.

I used to share a lot of my favorite sales on my blog but have found that there are many other sites where you can source this information. 

You could also check out some of my favorite stores, Old Navy and Kohls.

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30% Off + Free 14 Day Shipping


Once you have decided on a home business the next step is to look at Marketing.

You can market both online and offline.

Here are just a few of your offline marketing options:

  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Return mailing labels
  • Car Magnets
  • Apparel
  • Flyers
  • Yes marketing is going to cost you money, but you have to spend money to make money.

    I recently found a company that has FREE marketing items available and I have been very happy with their products.

    I would highly recommend you take a look at 30% Off + Free 14 Day Shipping

    For more information on our experience Click Here! to see my post.

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    I was recently looking for an affordable way to create postcards for one of my home businesses. I wanted something that looked professional and didn’t cost a fortune.

    I was referred to VistaPrint by a colleague and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    They regularly have a selection of FREE products. Yes, all you have to do is pay for shipping.

    I could have ordered my 100 free double sided post cards and just paid for shipping, but I really wanted at least 250. In the end I was able to order 1000 post cards and 140 FREE address labels for less than $72. I had expected to wait the full 14 days for my items to arrive due to my good deal.

    The order arrived in just 5 days! I will definately be ordering from them again.

    Take a look for yourself.

    30% Off Plus Free Shipping on Orders over $50 at VistaPrint.com!

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    Peg Perego – Pliko P3

    Of the 5 strollers we have owned in the past 5 years that has got to be the most versatile of them all.

    When we had our first child I wanted a stroller where he would face me. There were not a lot of options so we got a Graco with a reversible bassinet. It took up almost our whole trunk and that was OK I loved to see my baby when out walking, that was until our first vacation. All of a sudden the folded size of the stroller became an issue when we had to take taxis and we had our luggage.

    As soon as we got home I started looking for a better alternative as we were going on another vacation in just 4 months.

    After much searching we decided on the Peg PeregoPliko P3. I would describe it as the luxury umbrella stroller. Sure there are lighter and more compact umbrella strollers but I didn’t see why we had to give up stroller features to get something the folded more compact.

    Here are some of the things I love about this stroller:

    • 4-position backrest, 2-position footrest
    • Strong, lightweight aluminum frame
    • Handle for carrying when folded
    • Removable, hand-washable upholstery
    • Large, removable and adjustable hood with window and new storage pocket
    • Child’s tray can be opened or removed completely
    • Unique 5-point “Freedom of Movement” harness for security and well-being of the child
    • Built-in rear footboard provides safe ride for 2nd passenger
    • Adjustable handle heights

    The only features this stroller didn’t have that my full-size stroller had where an oversized basket, a parent console and it didn’t allow baby to face me but I was willing to sacrifice those things.

    The stroller has clips that allow you to attach their diaper bag to it, so the basket size issue was resolved. It also comes with a large removable parent cup holder. Just remember to take it off before you gate check it.

    Peg Perego does make another version of the Pliko that allows baby to face the parent. Unfortunately it was not available in the US at the time and I was concerned about having warranty issues in another country. I believe it is called the Pliko Switch Completo and has a reversible seat.

    There have been some improvements to this stroller since we bought it in 2003 and I think it only continues to get better. We are still using ours and it works well and still looks great. You have to remember that the manufacturer recommends regular maintenance. So if you are having problems with steering or folding, do the recommended maintenance.

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